When it comes to serious tailgating, it’s no picnic. You’re running a restaurant on the road to celebrate your team.

It’s one thing to cook up some chow in the kitchen, but serious tailgating requires bringing the kitchen to the game. At a basic level you bring kitchen tools, utensils, condiments and paper goods. Serious tailgaters go further, stocking a full bar, blender, stereo, and more.

CORBOX excels at tailgating three ways:

  1. Duh. It’s installed literally at the tailgate! As the stand-up bartender, grill master, and host, you can keep the party happening without taking a step. Plus, the top of the CORBOX makes an excellent prep surface.
  2. CORBOX has drawers. As your kitchen on the road, your cooking supplies are easily accessed and quickly stowed when it’s time to go.
  3. CORBOX is flexible. You can use it for work during the week, then pop in your party drawers on game days (additional drawers are optional). Best of all, with CORBOX, everything is locked and concealed under the bed cover. Your truck always looks sleek and stylish.

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