Fishers can never have too much gear to make the most of a fishing expedition. CORBOX offers secure, concealed storage for your fishing gear and tackle.

Keeping your fishing gear and tackle boxes organized helps you get out the door and to your fishing hole before the dawn. The fully-extendable drawers securely hold fishing reels, lures, baits, tools, marine electronics, line and more. In fact, an entire tackle box should fit into any of the units. The long compartments on Titan (55″) and Traverse (60″) will hold your boots, waders, other longer gear.

With CORBOX, everything is lockable and under your tonneau bed cover. Plus, the tailgate location offers maximum security when the tailgate is closed and locked.

CORBOX is flexible and designed to be removed. The Quick-Latch universal mounting system lets you remove the CORBOX from your truck and set it at the dock or campsite. The top of the box serves as a handy work surface for tying lures or prepping a filet.

Best of all, CORBOX offers work/play flexibility. Get an optional extra drawer to store your tools during the week and your fishing cargo on the weekends.

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