Truck tool boxes are a must for contractors, carpenters, repair businesses, surveyors and maintenance personnel. Unfortunately, conventional tool boxes are not always secure or practical.

Conventional boxes end up becoming dump bins that make it impossible to find the parts, fasteners or tools you need. Plus, traditional boxes are vulnerable to break-ins.

With CorBox, everything is locked and concealed under your truck bed or tonneau cover. Your expensive power tools and other job gear stay safely out of view. Plus, the locked tailgate offers an extra barrier against break-ins when installed in the tailgate location.

The CorBox Quick-Latch universal mounting system lets you carry the unit to the job site. Think of it as a portable job box. The top of the box makes a great work bench, too. Can be used as a permanent tool box or is easily removed when necessary.

Best of all, CorBox offers work/play flexibility. Get an optional extra drawer to store your tools during the week and your recreational cargo on the weekends.

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