How to Install Your CorBox

Stage 1

How to Install the Hasps

  1. First, lower your tailgate.
  2. Remove the drawers from the CORBOX by pushing on the black clips on the glides.
  3. Place the CORBOX in the bed of your truck:
    NOTE: If installing near the tailgate, make sure that you can close your tailgate without hitting the face of the CORBOX drawers. If installing the CORBOX towards the cab, make sure that the lid opens freely.

    1. While the CORBOX is set in position, mark along the back of the box approximately 10 inches in from both left and right ends of the box.
    2. Make sure that the marks sit either fully on top or in between the ribs of the truck bed. These marks are for 2 of the hasps.
  4. Remove the CORBOX from the truckbed.
    With the slotted side up, align the hasps so that the bend sits on the mark; the 2-holes side should be flat on the truckbed where the body of the box will go.
  5. Mark the location of the holes on the truckbed and set the 2 hasps aside.
  6. Follow these steps to secure each hasp with 2 blind fasteners:
    1. Drill a 5/16” hole through the truckbed at ONE of the marks. Do not allow the point of the drill to penetrate the truck bed more than 1/4”.
    2. Push the blind fastener through the hasp and into the first drilled hole.
  7. Hold the 5/8” ratchet wheel tightly on the fastener.
    1. Put the 1/4” nut driver in the electric drill and screw the 1/4” nut on top of the fastener until it is generally tight – do not over tighten.
    2. Drill the hole for the second fastener through the hasp.
    3. Repeat steps 6 and 7.

Stage 2

How to Install the L-Brackets

  1. Place and center the CORBOX back in the truckbed and push it back until it touches the hasps
  2. Place the long side of the L-bracket flat up against the CORBOX and the short end of the L-bracket through the slot in the hasp. Make sure it is centered on the hasp.
    1. Make a mark in the middle of the elongated hole in the L-bracket. Make a second mark for the second hole in the L-bracket.
    2. Repeat step for both brackets.
  3. Pull the box out onto the tailgate and drill through the marked holes on the CORBOX for the L-bracket. Four holes total.
  4. Place the L-bracket against the CORBOX with the “L” facing outward. On the inside of the CORBOX, feed the bolt through the metal support strip. Tighten the lock nut onto the bolt with the pliers and nut driver. Repeat step for the other L-bracket.
  5. Make sure the CORBOX will slide easily into the hasp before stage three.

Stage 3

How to Install the Adjustable Clasp

  1. While you have the L-brackets slid into the hasps, place a hasp underneath the front latch and mark its location.
  2. Repeat steps 6 & 7 to install the hasp.
  3. Slide CORBOX into place; adjust latch height and secure front pull down clasp.
    Insert the drawers back into the CORBOX, for completion.