Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What is a CORBOX?

CORBOX is an under-the-rails truck storage box that fits under bed covers of full size pickup trucks. CORBOXes are concealed, durable, and come with loads of storage with removable drawers.

Are your products make/model specific?

No. We designed our boxes with a universal fit on full-size pickup trucks.

Does my box fit under a tonneau cover?

Absolutely! All of our boxes are designed to fit conveniently below tonneau covers – hard top, rolling bed covers and vinyl bed covers.

Can I install a box by the cab of my truck?

Yes. The Transit is designed for multi position installation. The Trove and Titan can fit at the cab on non- cab trucks. They are best installed at the tailgate on 4-door full-size trucks because the wheel wells impeded the drawers from opening completely. Review the Comparison Chart to see which box fits in your lifestyle.

How do I choose the right CORBOX for me?

First, decide how you will use the box and where you want to access your gear and tools. Review the Comparison Chart first to see which box fits in your lifestyle.

Does the install system work with bed liners?

Yes. The fasteners work well with bed liners – plastic and spray on.

Do I need to have a bed liner?

Sure don’t. Each box has 2 foam protection strips on the bottom of each box to protect surfaces.

Are CORBOX units waterproof?

We like to think our Weather-flare flange gives the tightest seal in the market, but the boxes are not going to hold out water if accidentally dropped in the lake.

Is a CORBOX easy to remove?

Sure is. With its adjustable Quick-release latch, you only have to loosen, flip and pop your CORBOX out of the truck. To re-install, just line up the back brackets, slid into place and reconnect the Quick-release latch

Are CORBOXes strong enough to sit on or stand on?

Sure are! Made from durable diamond plate aluminum and reinforced tops, your CORBOX doubles as a seat at the cab or a workstation at the tailgate.

Are the drawers removable?

Yes. Our drawers are fully removable so you can take them to where you need them. Also, purchase another set to change out for work or play.

How do I install my CORBOX? 

Review the installation instructions on the Install Page and follow the directions closely. As with any project, measure twice, drill once! 🙂 If you are a visual person, you can watch the video on the Install Page.

How do I clean my CORBOX? 

First, remove the drawers completely and rinse them out. Dry them to prevent moisture collecting in them. Wipe down outer CORBOX with a soft damp rag. On occasion, you may need to add a dab of grease to your slides to keep them gliding.

What is the Warranty for a CORBOX? 

We have a 1-year limited warranty. Check out the details on the Warranty Page.

How do I replace a lost set of keys? 

Yes. Just call us toll free at 844-486-6539 and we will get you another set sent out.

Can I purchase additional bolts and parts for another truck? 

Yes. Just call us toll free at 844-486-6539 and we will quote you on your needs and get the parts out immediately.

How do I remove the brackets in my truckbed? 

Selling your truck and getting a new one? Lucky guy! Click the Install tab and review the Uninstall instructions. You can order filler caps for the small bolt holes.

What accessories are available for my CORBOX? 

We are adding accessories.

How do I register my CORBOX?

It’s easy. Click the Register link and fill out the quick form. Your registration number is inside of your CORBOX.

Where can I find a CORBOX in a store?

At the moment, we have online sales only. We do have our partner Tractor Supply selling our Trove model.

Are there volume discounts?

Of course! We love big orders. Let’s get you set up under our Fleet Program today.

How much does it cost to ship my CORBOX?

Free! Yes, you heard that right. Every CORBOX ships for FREE within the continental US.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Give us a call or email us with your address to find out the rates on shipping you a CORBOX.

What is your return policy?

Within 30 days of purchase, you may return a box in its original packaging.

What if my CORBOX is damaged in shipping?

Just call us toll free at 844-486-6539 so we can review your shipping situation.

How much do the boxes weigh?

Each CORBOX has its own weight. Check the specifications for the Trove, Titan and Transit to see the exact weight, or view the Compare Page.