About Us

The idea for CORBOX originated from a property manager, Bill Burd, with the following pain point:

I drive a truck with a tonneau cover, and I have a bunch of tools that I need to take with me to all of my property locations. If I put my tool boxes in the bed of the truck, they roll around, and I would also prefer not to keep them in my back seat in plain view.

From there, the first generation of the CORBOX was born, originally designed as a wooden crate secured at the tailgate where Bill could keep his tool boxes without them rolling around. After several iterations, the CORBOX Trove was engineered.

Here at CORBOX, every truck with or without a tonneau cover is given an equal opportunity for a storage solution. Even better, our CORBOX designs can service many lifestyles: the hunter, fisherman, golfer, contractor, outsdoorsman, etc.

Our goal is to create unique and innovative solutions to make everyday life easier. Share your thoughts and ideas with us by emailing HELLO@CORBOXSTORAGE.COM.


At CORBOX, we feel strongly about giving back to our communities and veterans. As a result, all of our products are manufactured here in the USA and 10% of our profits are donated to charities that support our veterans.